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Asset Insurance for Smaller Recycling Companies

The insurance market for the recycling sector has been challenging for the last few years, with the number of providers in decline and minimum premiums going up.


Be Prepared in the Event of a Claim

The information that a company is expected to provide following an employer’s liability insurance claim can be quite daunting, particularly if you are not prepared. The following is a list of documents that an existing client of ours was requested to provide. You are likely to be asked to provide this information in order for your insurer to have any chance of defending a claim against you. By utilising our Online Risk Management Portal you could take care of many of these elements in advance of any claim.


What difference does Chartered status make?

In 2010 Macbeth was awarded Chartered status by the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute). Regarded as the ultimate symbol of professionalism, it puts us in the top 5% of brokers in the UK. But what does it mean to our clients and associates?


3 types of business insurance every company should consider

From legal action to cyber attacks, running a company is a risky business. Here are some popular insurance policies that will protect you, whether you’re a tech startup or an established law firm.


Vital protection against claims for breach of contract

Around 70% of the claims we handle on behalf of technology companies are related to a breach of contract. That’s a significant percentage when you consider all the different risks faced by the technology sector.


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