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Clinical Trial Insurance – What Is It And What Do Insurers Need to Know?

The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004 state that a clinical trial may be undertaken only if provision has been made for “insurance or indemnity” to cover the liability of the researchers in relation to the clinical trial. The approving bodies are likely to insist on Clinical Trial Insurance cover, the purpose being to insure the public/products liability as well as no fault compensation.


Recruitment – Understanding your Contractual Liability & Vicarious Liability Exposure

It is very important to establish what types of contracts are being used when placing temporary workers, as failure to inform your insurance provider correctly of your contractual liabilities can invalidate coverage.


Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance for Unusual Risk

What does a Ballet Dancer, Grave Digger, Tattooist and Feng Shui consultant have in common? The answer is nothing other than they are some of the more unusual occupations that have purchased public & employers liability insurance in the recent past.


Medical Device & Healthtech – Implications for Insurance

The medical sector has certainly not been left behind when it comes to advances in technology and this potential has certainly been recognised by both investors and politicians. In terms of insurance the nature of risk is changing.


Insurance for Pubs and Restaurants Reaches Boiling Point

Insurance premiums in pubs and restaurants sector have been increasing steady over the last few years as insurance companies try and address a market trend where claims are hitting profitability.


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