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Drivers Negligence Insurance for Driving Agencies, Umbrella and Payroll companies

Drivers Negligence Insurance provides cover against claims in respect of accidental damage caused to a hiring clients vehicle being driven by an agency supplied driver.


Exclusive Home & Contents Insurance specifically designed for Huf Haus owners

Macbeth Insurance Brokers has been insuring Huf Haus’s in the UK for a number of years. Through close working relationship with The Huf Haus Owners Club we carried out some research to help us determine some of the challenges owners face when looking to arrange their home and contents insurance. Specifically it was felt that the traditional insurance policies on offer were not always adaptable to these unique properties. It was also felt that some insurers didn’t seem to have the depth of understanding or knowledge around these properties meaning owners were paying for standard cover which can expose them to being either over or under insured.


Social welfare Insurance – Why a specialist broker and insurer are essential

The social welfare sector is quite diverse, comprising organisations working in areas from day care centres to children’s home, domiciliary care and shelters to name a few. The challenges each organisation face will vary and it is therefore vitally important to have a broker and an insurer that understands the sector and can offer bespoke cover as well as other necessary support.


UK Companies can be affected by US Data Security Breach Notification Laws

When private information is compromised, the repercussions for your business can be serious and costly.


What makes a Specialist Cleaning Contractors policy Specialist?

Cleaning contractors are exposed to much wider risks than your average trade, and that’s why we arrange insurance with a specialist market, providing a much wider scope of cover.


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