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UK Companies can be affected by US Data Security Breach Notification Laws

When private information is compromised, the repercussions for your business can be serious and costly.


What makes a Specialist Cleaning Contractors policy Specialist?

Cleaning contractors are exposed to much wider risks than your average trade, and that’s why we arrange insurance with a specialist market, providing a much wider scope of cover.


Gross Profit damaged by fire, smoke and water!

The recent major fire at Asos’s only UK distribution site in Barnsley, is a reminder that fire alone is not the biggest threat to a business.  The fire in this case is believed to have been caused deliberately resulting in 20% of the firm’s stock (valued at several millions) being fire damaged, smoke damaged and water damaged.


Criminals are using the internet to target high net worth homes

Breaking into a high value home that is well protected and secured, is becoming increasingly more difficult for burglars, given the sophistication of many intruder alarm systems. However, I’m afraid that such physical deterrents won’t stop all burglars, and, if they are determined to break-in to your home, then generally, they will find a way.


Low cost cyber liability insurance for the recruitment sector

Recruitment companies will undoubtedly hold lots of personally identifiable information surrounding the candidates on their records. If the agency offers any type of online job search facility there is likely to be a greater potential for claims under the Data Protection Act if data is not handled correctly. The threat of extortion is now greater than ever as a hacker can possibly hold a company to ransom if they can access their data.


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