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Below is a selection of useful factsheets and guidelines designed to assist businesses and private individual with certain aspects of their insurance cover. Simply browse by topic and click to download the PDF. If you have any questions or would like help and guidance with any issues or challenges you may be experiencing please contact us directly.

Financial Solutions

Shareholder Protection

This factsheet outlines and clarifies Shareholder Protection and provides essential guidance and advice that business owners need to consider.


Key Person Assurance

This factsheet outlines for businesses what Key Person Assurance is, why your business needs it as well as advice and guidance in assessing the requirements of your business.


For businesses and commercial insurance

An essential checklist for reviewing your commercial insurance

This checklist includes a list of questions that any business should consider when reviewing its commercial insurance. The checklist comprises just 9 questions a company needs to consider about its current cover and possible changes to the business. Only by asking the right questions can a business make informed decisions and relevant choices about its insurance cover.


Management Liability, How do insurers calculate the premium for directors and officers insurance?

This fact sheet explores what rating factors insurance companies consider when calculating premiums for directors and officers for management liability insurance.


Cyber Liability Insurance, Protecting your intellectual property online.

Each year 3500 domain names are hijacked from their existing owners. This paper includes insightful information and statistics around “brand jacking” and highlights the need for all businesses to consider their exposure to cyber crime


Advice on managing and reporting Professional Indemnity claims

Important advice and tips for any business that becomes aware of an incident or change in circumstances that could result a claim.


Fleet Insurance, Employers and their duty of care

Employees are legally responsible for employees who drive whilst at work. This is a useful guide to managing fleet insurance and a checklist to ensure both the employer and employee is protected in the event of any incidents


Employers Liability, A company’s legal obligation

A recent survey revealed that over 210,000 small and medium sized businesses in the UK are breaking the law and are operating without this compulsory insurance. This useful paper describes Employers Liability and a company’s legal requirements.


Property Insurance, looking after unoccupied property

This paper is a useful reminder for businesses with any unoccupied buildings.


Commercial Insurance, security and maintenance advice for businesses 

Tips for businesses to ensure they carry out routine security and maintenance checks so that they don’t make multiple claims that will impact their premiums.


Public Liability, Companies without this cover are risking financial disaster and possible the future of their business.

A must read paper describing aspects of Public Liability Insurance and instances that could leave your business highly exposed.


Specialist Insurance Cover

Insurance advice for skip hire and waste transfer companies

The paper addresses the seven different classes of insurance risks that skip hire and waste transfer operators need to consider .It also provides essential advice on getting the right cover at competitive rates.


Private & Individual Clients

Using a specialist insurance broker to protect your high value assets

Advice and guidance for private individuals who need a specific level of service and cover. Tips on choosing the right insurance broker to suit your needs.


Jewellery and Watch Insurance, be confident about your cover

This paper outlines the necessary steps a private individual needs to take to ensure they have the correct valuations for their jewellery and watches and advice on how to claim.


High value home insurance, reviewing and calculating the correct value of your home contents.

A checklist and guide to why it’s important to regularly and accurately review your home contents.


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