Driving in Europe : Ten tips on accidents abroad

An estimated two million British tourists take to their cars for driving trips to neighbouring European Union countries each year. We advise drivers in Germany to be extra careful, as about two-thirds of the Autobahn network still has no speed limit

Ten tips on accidents abroad:

■ If you break down on a French autoroute, you must use the SOS boxes to call for help, as it is illegal to call by any other means, eg mobile phone. The driver and all passengers must also have visibility vests when they leave the vehicle
■ Visibility vests are also compulsory in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway and are likely to become compulsory throughout the EU
■ In Germany it is obligatory to report all incidents to the police at the time it occurs, even a minor bump
■ In Belgium it is highly recommended to carry a fire extinguisher in the car, as it is compulsory for all Belgian registered cars
■ EU countries have stricter drink driving laws than in the UK, with blood alcohol levels being 0.5mg/ml instead of 0.8mg/ml
■ The number for emergency services across Europe is 112
■ If you have an accident with a lorry and trailer, remember to take down both the lorry registration number and trailer number, as well as most European countries have different registrations on the trailer and recoveries are not possible without the trailer registration
■ In Switzerland, pedestrians normally have the right of way and will expect your vehicle to stop for them
■ In Spain, if you wear glasses, you must carry a spare set in the car when driving
■ If you’re going on a booze cruise to France, remember that five cases of wine is roughly equivalent to having another passenger in the car. Overloading could damage your car’s suspension, burn out the clutch or cause punctures and uneven wear on the tyres

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Author: Tony Gibbs | November 17th, 2009

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