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The security industry has many different facets. From the installation of physical security and alarms to manned guarding, door security and close protection.

The insurance requirements will differ depending on the type of work that is being undertaken. For instance, a company that is installing alarms will need to have efficacy cover. Efficacy cover will provide an indemnity if an alarm fails to perform its intended function, and as a result the customer suffers a financial loss.

A company that are providing manned guarding will also require efficacy cover in case a guard falls asleep whilst at work and fails to prevent a break-in. They may also have a requirement for fidelity cover, which covers theft by an employee. Insurance against loss of customer’s keys is also recommended.

A security company that provide doormen for pubs, clubs and events will probably be more concerned about cover for wrongful arrest and having insurance for deliberate acts.

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*Information correct as of 1st May 2016

Author: Tony Gibbs | October 18th, 2010

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