Why is it so difficult to insure single items?

Insuring single items of high value jewellery can be a real problem. Most ‘standard’ home insurance providers are unlikely to cover items of jewellery worth over £10,000.

The reason for this is that insurance companies like risks that are balanced and, if the level of jewellery is disproportionate to the general contents sum insured, it will fall outside the acceptance criteria of most insurers.

So if you have been to Graff, De Beers or Tiffany & Co and have purchased an expensive item, what do you do to ensure you have the right type of cover for a realistic price?

Macbeth have a number of solutions. If you would like more details about jewellery insurance, please contact Paul Macbeth ACII (Managing Director) on 0118 9165480 or paul.macbeth@macbeths.co.uk or visit www.macbeths.co.uk

Author: James | October 18th, 2010

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