Insurance advice for students


The large hike in university tuition fees coming into force in 2012 has meant an unprecedented number of students applying for places this year.

With all of the anxiety  and anticipation surrounding a move to a new university, having adequate insurance for students possessions can easily fall off the radar. Our advice to students would be to initially check to see if their parent’s policies extend to provide any cover before looking at purchasing separate insurance.

It is also worth bearing in mind that most policies that do extend to cover students possessions away from the main home are likely to exclude theft cover unless there are signs of forcible violent entry or exit, so we recommend that rooms are always locked when unattended.

There are some high net worth insurers who provide unrestricted theft cover for student possessions at colleges or universities however the premiums do tend to be more expensive.

For further information on the options available please contact Carl Sharp on 0118 9165480 or complete one of our enquiry forms.

Author: Tony Gibbs | August 20th, 2011

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