Tottenham riots – Who will pay?

The cost of last night’s rioting and looting in Tottenham is expected to run into millions of pounds and the disruption to the local community is likely to continue for many months ahead.

As for who is going to pay for the damage, in all likelihood it will be insurers who will pick up the tab and the end result could be higher insurance premiums for the already beleaguered business community.

Insurers may argue that the Police were not quick enough to act and we could see claims from insurers against the Police under the Riot (Damage) Act 1886 which allows companies and individuals to sue the police over damage caused during civil disturbances.

In 2009 Judges ruled that Bedfordshire Police Authority could be sued for £42 million damages, following the disturbance that destroyed the Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre in 2002.

Author: Tony Gibbs | August 7th, 2011

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