Cyber Insurance….Can it help with the data you hold in The Cloud???

Security is a concern for businesses putting their systems in the cloud, but these fears don’t appear to be stopping or in my opinion will stop cloud computing in its tracks. Ok private clouds are being taken up by big firms that are unwilling to move to public clouds, but they could themselves be the subject of a major data breach.
A few of the reasons why some businesses are delaying their adoption to the Cloud include, the relative security of cloud computing services, the external management of security based services and at times the rigid one sided contract terms that Cloud providers impose on their customers.

What can you do to bolster your risk management when outsourcing to the Cloud?

The correct form of Cyber insurance can be one such aid that may help. BUT, the correct cyber insurance policy should cover data security and privacy breaches of not only the computer networks that are directly under your control, but also the computer networks that are operated by third parties for or on behalf of you (i.e. a Cloud provider).

Let’s not forget that cyber-attackers are some of the most intelligent, devious people on the planet and should never be underestimated!!

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Author: Adam Lawrence | March 26th, 2012

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