Cybercrime – The risk to small and large organisations!

Following on from previous blogs on this subject, we wanted to highlight a few key findings which should make any business owner/CEO think about the cyber security threat to their business and the implications for not only themselves but their end customers!

• Cyber security is number 4 of 5 top global risks!

• The average total cost of for a small business to respond to a single cyber incident is between £27.5k and £55k and for large organisations this is £280k to 690k! (source, PWC report, 2011)

• Businesses bear the brunt of the cost of cybercrime in the UK. As a result of these attacks businesses are losing £21bn! (source Deltica, 2011)

The simple fact here is that cybercrime is now a business risk, not a perceived risk, therefore businesses must look for ways to protect themselves. So what can you do?

• Behavioural change on this subject is required from the top down.

• Get the experts in to access and guide you through your own cyber strategy or create one for you.

• As part of your risk management include the correct level of cyber insurance.

Please contact Ben Butler on 0118 9165481 for more information on cyber insurance to protect your business from this growing threat.

Author: Adam Lawrence | March 2nd, 2012

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