The hosepipe ban, if’s and butts

The particularly mild weather and lack of rain has culminated in the introduction of the hose pipe ban for most parts of the country starting from 5th April 2012. Although the water ban will initially not affect businesses, this stance could change during the summer if there is not significant increase in the amount of rain fall.

Over the last month there has been a dramatic increase in the sale of water butts as householders and businesses’ look for efficient ways to converse water. Although water butts are a great means of saving water, there use can lead to security issues as thieves can use them as a means to gain access to windows and roofs.

Churches and businesses with lead roofing should be extra vigilant as metal theft is a considerable problem in some areas due to the high demand for scrap metal.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | April 4th, 2012

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