What types of insurance are required by organisations in the social welfare sector?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on what the organisation is doing. The social welfare sector is extremely diverse so it is recommended that each risk is assessed on its own merits. The insurance needs of an adult day centre could differ considerably from a company that is providing a counselling and advice service.

To avoid any “grey” areas it is prudent to use a Chartered insurance broker that specialises in the social welfare insurance sector. For example, specialist insurers are unlikely to have abuse exclusions, which is obviously important for companies working with the young or vulnerable people.

Where the business has a need to administer medication it is important that medical malpractice cover is included as part of the package.

Other insurance issues a social welfare organisation could face might surround public liability and employer’s liability if they are using volunteers and professional indemnity insurance if they are providing advice.

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*Information correct as of 1st May 2016

Author: Tony Gibbs | July 14th, 2012

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