The Jaskson 5!

The Jackson report sets out planned changes to the Civil Procedure Rules in respect of how Public & Employers Liability insurance claims are handled and the time allowed at the moment to do so. The changes are scheduled to take effect from April 2013.

Currently insurers have 21 days to acknowledge a letter of a claim and for liability claims a further 90 days to investigate and make a decision on liability. The proposed rules dramatically reduce the time available from 90 days on Employers Liability claims to 30 days and 40 days on Public Liability claims. There are some exceptions however when it comes to long term aliments.

Our 5 tips will help your insurers deal with a potential claim as quickly as possible, so that liability can be established, and a decision regarding whether to defend or concede a claim can be reached:

1)      Maintain a robust Health & Safety system

2)      Report potential claims straight away

3)      Keep an accurate record of all incidents

4)      Be in a position where you can quickly produce training records and risk assessments

5)      Remember time is of the essence

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Author: Tony Gibbs | December 16th, 2012

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