Theft of oil on the increase in Berkshire & South Oxfordshire

The steady escalation in the price of heating oil has given rise to a dramatic increase in the theft of  oil from outside tanks. Over the last two weeks there has been a spate of fuel thefts in the Berkshire and South Oxfordshire area.

In an interview on Radio Berkshire on Thursday, Lisa Baldwin of Oil Theft Watch gave some useful tips that we would like to share.

  1. Home owners should be particularly vigilant just after a delivery of oil as it is likely that thieves are following delivery Lorries.
  2. Statistics show that homes with CCTV and oil tank cap locks are less likely to be targeted.
  3. Oil levels should be checked on a regular basis as smaller amounts of oil could be syphoned off over a period of time.

Although the theft of oil is likely to be insured under most home insurance policies, cover can vary considerably from insurer to insurer. Our research suggests that the standard home insurers tend to cover up to £1,000 in respect of theft of oil.  High value household policies provide much more in the way of generous limits, with cover for up to £10,000 not uncommon.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | February 5th, 2013

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