High value home insurance – 3 tips to avoid under-insurance

Too many people we meet have little awareness of the value of what they consider to be standard household contents. And that’s before considering items of jewellery, clothing, expensive watches or pieces of art that may have been acquired over the years. Most standard contents insurance policies have claim limits that are inadequate for many people. Even for those who have specified additional items insured, may find that they have not kept pace with the large increases in valuation – all adding up to a picture where it is all too easy to be under-insured.

We have 3 tips to help you avoid being under-insured:

  1. Re-value your jewellery every 2-3 years. A 6.10ct diamond ring, valued in 2004 at £48,000, has recently been re-valued at a staggering £137,650 – a 187% increase.
  2. Do not forget to assess the value of your clothing – it’s amazing how it can add up! Most of our insurers will provide replacement as new without deduction for wear and tear.
  3. Take advantage of a free appraisal service. Some high value home insurers will carry out a free appraisal and calculate your sums insured for you.

We specialise in working with private clients. We are always happy to review your current arrangements and make recommendations. With Macbeth we offer a highly personal service regularly reviewing our clients’ insurance arrangements to ensure that they don’t experience any nasty surprises.

For information on high value home insurance, please contact Carl Sharp on 0118 9165 487 or complete one of our enquiry forms.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | April 11th, 2013

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