Jewellery Insurance – Why it pays to use a quality insurer

At Macbeth Insurance Brokers we only recommend the highest quality insurance products to protect our clients. Such quality is not just defined by extent of the policy wording; but also by the insurer’s attitude to handling claims.

This week I have settled a claim for a High Net Worth client who could have found themselves out of pocket by over £6,000. Fortunately, the insurance policy was underwritten by one of the UK’s leading high value home insurers who place huge emphasis on the speed and quality of their claims team.

The client lost one of her earrings at some point during May; she was unable to provide a precise date which was of no particular concern to the insurer. The earrings were specified at a value of £6,000 for the pair having been purchased in 2009 but following the loss, the client was told by a reputable jeweller that the value of just one earring was £6,500!

Despite the clear under-insurance, the insurer agreed to replace the earring and provided the client with an up to date valuation for the pair at £13,000.

This is a great example of how specialist high value home insurance policies react to claims and losses with such a fantastic attitude, even when the client has made a mistake. It definitely pays to have a better quality policy!

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Author: Tony Gibbs | August 12th, 2013

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