Kidnap & Ransom Insurance – What are your employees worth?

With criminal organisations around the world constantly finding new ways to make money, the risk of being kidnapped is at an all-time high. Kidnap for ransom is not a new risk, but a growing trend in many countries across the globe. The constantly increasing number of international business trips is opening new doors for many gangs and politically motivated groups. Afghanistan, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Iraq, Colombia, the Philippines and Yemen are among the highest risks to travellers in the current climate.

Kidnappers in many of these places make their money by kidnapping foreign business representatives and selling them to high profile groups which then proceed to publicise the kidnaping and demand ransom monies in return for the safety of the hostage. Putting a value on a life is not possible, but arranging insurance cover to protect a life most certainly is.

As a specialist broker in this area, we work closely with niche Kidnap & Ransom underwriters who can tailor policies to meet your needs. Our policies can include cover for:

  • Ransom monies paid
  • Transit and delivery of ransom sums
  • Death or permanent disablement occurring during a kidnapping
  • Medical care and counselling
  • Wage and salary replacement
  • Emergency repatriation

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Author: Tony Gibbs | August 6th, 2013

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