University Students Possessions – automatically covered?

Fresher’s week is well and truly over and as students settle into their digs and halls we wanted to share with you some information relating to the insurance of student’s possessions that might be of interest.

Some standard home insurance policies provide little or no cover for students’ possessions whilst at university, college or boarding school or there are often onerous security warranties that restrict the cover. With student life being hectic and unpredictable, it is an all too familiar story that claims are turned down if the policy conditions are not met. A condition might be that there is no theft cover unless it follows forcible and violent entry.

Under a high value home insurance policy, students’ possessions are generally included automatically within the policy, without any limit to the amount at the digs or in halls of residence, and without any onerous restrictions in cover. This leaves parents with one less thing to worry about and peace of mind!

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Author: Tony Gibbs | October 15th, 2013

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