Happy computer security day

Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. The goal is to remind people to protect their computers and information.

On the computer security day website there are over 50 activities that can be undertaken to enhance computer security. http://www.computersecurityday.org/

My top 5 are:

  • Change your passwords
  • Issue a new and improved computer security policy
  • Update your anti-virus program
  • Install all security-related updates to your computer’s operating system
  • Install and inspect power surge protection as appropriate

In 1988 there was probably no need for insurance cover for hack attack, transmission of computer virus or data breach.  How things have changed with the estimated cost of UK cybercrime running to as much as £27 billion per annum.

Although it is obvious that computer/internet risk management is of utmost importance, it is comforting to know that insurance policies have developed to meet the changes of companies as technology has developed.

The table below outlines just some of risks that we face and the possible outcomes. There are also other issues surrounding the content contained in emails or on web sites, blogs and social media sites.

Possible Cause Possible Outcome? Is Insurance available?
Hack attack Loss of income if trading online Yes
Hack attack Damage to own systems Yes
Hack attack Privacy breachDamage to brand Yes
Hack attack Privacy breach notification costs Yes
Threat from own or ex-employees Loss of income, damage to own systems Yes


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Author: Tony Gibbs | November 29th, 2013

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