Five useful considerations when arranging horse insurance

There is not always “a one policy suits all” solution when looking to insure horses.

When you next come to renew your insurance consider the following “Top 5” pointers and avoid any unnecessary stress should you need to make a claim.

1)     Read the small print around your vet fees

It’s very important that you read your terms and conditions very carefully because each insurer has different exclusions.

2)     Insuring your tack, consider the options

If you have insured your tack as part of your horse insurance check carefully the restrictions and also the range of tack that is included. It’s advisable to get a quote from your household and contents insurer as the range of cover can be greater and the premium is likely to be cheaper.

3)     Be clear about your class of use

It’s important when informing your insurer of the class of use that you consider any potential changes in use that may occur throughout the lifetime of the policy. If anything should happen to your horse when it’s being used in a situation which takes it out its classification you won’t be covered.

4)     Compare the options for your trailer cover

Some horse policies insist you have the required security in place for the trailer for example using a hitch lock or wheel clamp. Be sure to read your policy carefully. It’s also worthwhile speaking to your car insurer and getting them to include the trailer as part of your vehicle insurance. It can be a competitive and less restrictive option for you.

5)     Choosing your insurer

Unfortunately many of us are now driven by price when we look for insurance and it’s not really until we have to make a claim that we realise the true value and extent of cover we actually have in place. When you use a broker you are getting expert advice and access to a range of policies that will fit with your specific requirements. The value of your insurance policy is not in the price of the premium.

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Author: Catherine Smith | February 5th, 2014

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