Competition hots up in the private client sector

Competition in the world of private client insurance is increasing and some of this is arriving from the insurance services provided by banks and retail chains.

In this sector the products are price driven therefore cover and service will be sacrificed, true high net worth insurance has far greater needs and this is where a broker will always prevail.

We are a chartered firm which puts us within the top 5% of brokers within the UK. Our private client team has the skill to understand a private client’s needs, in addition to the knowledge and experience to challenge a client when discussing their requirements.

From my experience, high net worth individuals require a high standard of service and only want one point of contact for their insurance arrangements. The reason for this is because it simplifies an area of their life where they wish to spend as little time as possible and this also extends to any adjustments to a policy as well as importantly claims. A call centre will not be able to provide this service and this is a key area where the service of a good broker will always prevail.

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Author: Carl Sharp | March 13th, 2014

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