First Aid training and the social welfare sector

Having qualified first aiders is essential for any business operating in the social care sector with responsibility for the young, elderly or vulnerable.

Debbie Murr of Be First Aid Ready has shared some useful information with us below.

What type of First Aid Course you should be booking?

The level of risk needs to be considered first, where there are vulnerable service users or a past history of injury in the work place a   three day FAW course is recommended. If working solely in a office type environment then a one day EFAW should be sufficient.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 states that it is a legal requirement to ensure employers have an adequate number of suitable trained first aiders.

How do I know how many First Aiders I need?

There are no hard and fast rules on exact numbers.  You must bear in mind things like absence leave, annual holidays, remote site workers, multiple sites etc.

How long does a certificate last?

The certificate will last for three years however the HSE recommend that staff should undergo an annual refresher course to keep skills up to date. This is especially relevant in a care sector

As of October 2013 the Health & Safety Executive no longer accredit First Aid Courses.  It is now down to the individual or company to find a reputable provider.

From an insurance point of view, insurers operating in the social welfare insurance sector like to see good risk management in place as it reduces claims and as a result keeps premium at a reasonable level.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | March 8th, 2014

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