Criminals are using the internet to target high net worth homes

Breaking into a high value home that is well protected and secured, is becoming increasingly more difficult for burglars, given the sophistication of many intruder alarm systems. However, I’m afraid that such physical deterrents won’t stop all burglars, and, if they are determined to break-in to your home, then generally, they will find a way.

One tool frequently being used by criminals when planning a burglary is the internet, particularly when a house is on the market for sale. Why? In part, because many estate agents use their websites to sell your property and include floor plans and pictures, sometimes together with videos of the entire house! This gives burglars a comprehensive layout of the rooms and a feel for the standard of the contents within the home.

Recently, one of our clients experienced a nasty burglary whilst away for the weekend. A large amount of valuables, electronics and designer clothing was stolen along with the safe that was anchored to the floor! This was a professional job, the home had clearly been targeted and surveyed but the thieves never even entered the bedrooms or the play room on the third floor! How would they have known which rooms to enter? Well, possibly because the home owner is currently selling their home and the property is being marketed online.

My advice is for you to be particularly vigilant if your home is on the market for sale. If you are going away during this period, I recommend that you read my latest blog providing several tips on securing your home before you go on holiday. You can read the blog by following If you would like further advice, contact Carl Sharp on 0118 916 5487 or complete one of our enquiry forms.

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Author: Carl Sharp | June 25th, 2014

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