Watch out for Gonzola!!

Our friends at Hiscox have shared some useful tips with us in the possible wake of Hurricane Gonzalo, which directly hit Bermuda on Friday. The remains of the hurricane are currently running eastwards across the Atlantic and are expected to affect UK and Irish weather over the next 48 hours. The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning yesterday relating to this.

Wet and windy conditions are expected from tonight (Monday 20th October) with gales affecting much of the country on Tuesday 21st October. North England, Northern Ireland, north Wales and southern Scotland may be particularly affected. Gusts exceeding 50mph are likely inland, while gusts of up to 70mph could occur in exposed coastal areas. To view more details on this warning please visit:


UK Met Office
Met Éireann

As the weather warnings will continue to develop today, we would ask you to continue to monitor the news and weather updates carefully. Whilst it is currently unclear how severe the impact of this will be, our team has put together a reminder of some sensible precautions to take to keep property, and more importantly people, safe.

  • Put outdoor items away or secure them. The main danger in a storm tends to be flying debris, so it is very important to put everything – from children’s toys to barbeques – away
  • Check fences and clear gutters, drains and ditches. This will help to minimise the risk of flying debris and allows water to drain away effectively to avoid flooding and water damage. It is also worth checking your house from the outside to ensure there is nothing which could become loose in a storm
  • Travel with care. Surface water and spray may result in difficult driving conditions, and there may also be some fallen branches or trees. Avoid going outside at the height of any storm activity
  • Consider pets and other animals. Animals still out in fields or paddocks should be brought in now
  • Be prepared for loss of power. Make sensible preparations such as charging mobile phones now and having a torch at the ready. It is always safer to avoid using candles in the event of a power cut.

If you would like further advice, please contact a member of our team on 0118 916 5480.

Author: Tony Gibbs | October 20th, 2014

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