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Macbeth Keeps Things Cosy at Stirrups Country House Hotel

Stirrups Country House Hotel, based just outside Bracknell in Berkshire, is a luxury family-run hotel.  Its 35 individually designed bedrooms combines the quintessential English-ness of the hotel’s historical origins with the modern convenience of an award-winning hotel.

Colin Reed, Managing Director of Stirrups, had appointed Macbeth, one of the Thames Valley’s fastest growing insurance brokers, in 2012 to insure the hotel, which has also established a reputation as a popular wedding venue.  Having visited the site and fully reviewed the hotel’s specific insurance requirements, Paul recommended a high quality commercial business policy.  This ensured full cover for the building and its contents, together with public and employee liability as well as business interruption.

Customer Challenge

In January of this year, Stirrups’ boiler broke down; while being able to run off a back-up boiler, there was a requirement to move quickly to replace the main boiler as it was uneconomical to repair it.  Importantly, Colin wanted to minimise any impact on his guests’ experience at the hotel. With a replacement boiler installed, Colin was keen to explore his insurance options.


Macbeth’s Solution

Macbeth had recommended a policy with a leading insurance company known for their comprehensive policy wordings and exceptional claims service. What’s more, the policy included an engineering breakdown cover – ideal for businesses reliant on machinery within their business – at no additional cost.  Paul Macbeth, MD at Macbeth, led the claim and was able to oversee a full compensation for the boiler. A direct result of the personal visits made to the customer’s premises ensured the policy was adjusted to Stirrups’ changing needs as the hotel continued to grow.

As an independent insurance broker, Macbeth recommends policies that are best suited to specific client needs rather than being tied to a range of products that may not support customer requirements.  The firm also brings value through its in-depth understanding of key policies, tailoring solutions to individual clients.

Customer Success

Stirrups was able to minimise the impact of the boiler by replacing it quickly and effectively, with the knowledge that its selected insurance cover would absorb the claim.

Colin comments, “Paul turned this claim around in an impressively quick way. We’re grateful to him for understanding our business and ensuring we had the right policy in place to take care of unexpected eventualities like this.  Ultimately, it’s our reputation that’s at stake here and Macbeth really gave us the reassurance we needed- we wouldn’t have had this particular cover had it not been for Paul.  Working with Macbeth means we have that one point of contact and continuity which counts for a lot in a growing business like ours.”

Paul adds, “Building the personal relationship with our clients enables us to get under the skin of their business and anticipate their evolving insurance needs. This means we can support them effectively, relieving the stress of managing insurance claims and freeing them up to run their business.”

Author: admin | January 1st, 2015

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