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The conundrum that is insuring the unique Baufritz homes

The Fritz family (now 4th generation) have been building pre-fabricated Baufritz homes for over 100 years, they have emerged into one of the most innovative eco-home building companies, winning many awards in the UK and across Europe. The Baufritz philosophy “good for people and nature” truly sums up their brand which prides itself on a 100% sustainable, climate friendly and energy efficient homes. The quality of craftsmanship is second to none with service being at the heart of their philosophy.


Baufritz homes are built to a very high standard and so it is imperative the best insurance is sourced because in the event of a claim, original Baufritz replacement parts are the only option, as are the skills of the Baufritz craftsman. The last thing needed after a claim is the hassle and stress of sourcing 2 separate estimates simply for the insurance company to pay the lesser of the two! This is the key problem I have experienced. At Macbeth’s, we have been working hard to educate insurers on these bespoke properties and now have a panel of providers who will offer extremely comprehensive policies at competitive premiums.


I am always interested to hear about the insurance challenges Baufritz owners experience as well as building them for that matter. If  you would like further information or discuss any concerns you might have please do get in touch, Carl Sharp on 0118 9165 487 or complete our online enquiry form.

Author: Carl Sharp | February 17th, 2016

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