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What is Flood Re?

Flood RE was launched in April 2016; it aims to provide homeowners in flood risk areas options when it comes to insuring their properties. Flood RE is, essentially, insurance for insurance companies. This means that when a flood claim occurs, the insurer can pay out the policyholder, and Flood RE will then reimburse the insurer. There is no need for a customer to deal directly with Flood Re. The scheme is similar to other to flood schemes around the world, most notably USA and Germany.

At Macbeth’s we have seen many success stories since the launch of Flood RE, predominantly for our high net worth clients. Due to insurers restrictions, and a cautious underwriting approach to floods pre Flood Re, many of our high net worth clients had very few options for insurance of their beautiful homes. Now, we have a very healthy array of insurers who can help where they couldn’t before, improving both premiums (very drastically in some occasions), but also in the level of cover which is imperative for high end homes. We can now also combine both buildings and contents (including high levels of fine art and jewellery) into one policy that just wasn’t always an option before.

In our experience, high net worth individuals have very little time, this is why an experienced insurance broker can add real value in sourcing the best insurance solution in terms of cover and premium level. However, if your home is in an area close to a river, or in a flood area, and your insurance broker hasn’t suggested a change this year, I strongly recommend you take the time to contact Carl Sharp on 0118 916 5487 or We will be able to help.

At Macbeth’s, we are a Chartered Insurance Broker, this places us within the top 5% of insurance brokers within the UK and we are very highly regulated. We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and personal service. We work with all of the top high net worth insurers as well as some very bespoke/niche insurers to cater for all needs.

Author: Carl Sharp | November 7th, 2016

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