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What were the key Huf Haus claims over the past 24 months?

Macbeth thought it would be of interest to share some insurance claims experienced by our Huf Haus customers in the past 24 months.

We have been insuring Huf Haus homes for over 5 years now, and help almost a third of Huf Haus owners in the UK with their insurances. Working with so many owners, we truly understand these beautiful buildings and their particular risk exposures. Interestingly though, there doesn’t tend to be any one type of incident that continually reoccurs, nor does there seem to be many glass claims. Additionally, even less theft claims are experienced. We believe this is a testament to the quality of the build, the materials used and the pride the owners take in their homes.

Please find some real life claim examples below:


Accidental damage to an underground pipe

This was caused, most likely by the pipe becoming misaligned under the settlement of the home.

Testimonial from client:

“The claim was handled very well by Carl. As the incident was an emergency, my builder was out the same day, the Loss Adjuster visited to view the damage and gave full authority to my builder to fix the damages. It is also worth noting I’ve had a travel claim via Macbeth’s, and again the claim was handled very well.”


Escape of water

This was caused by a faulty valve on a Fridge ice machine.

Testimonial from client:

“The water seeped under the flooring, so the whole of the ground floor (in every room) had to be taken up and took a very lengthy time. I must say Carl always tried his very best to help throughout the whole 18-month period and handled the claim very well. The damage to the property was minimal, but caused extensive damage to electrical devises within the home.”



The damage to the property was minimal, but caused extensive damage to electrical devises within the home.

Testimonial from client:

“The lightning damaged many electrical items around the home. Considering the nature of the items damaged, Macbeth were very helpful and gave the service expected of a high net worth insurance policy.”


Cracked glass

The cause was unknown.

Testimonial from client:

“I contacted Carl Sharp to report the claim, once Huf provided the replacement estimate it was accepted by the insurer the same day, and then it was just a matter of waiting for the fitting. It was a very simple process. I was very impressed by the £0.00 excess on glass claims that Carl has arranged with Covea Insurance.”


Over the years, we have educated many underwriters on Huf Haus homes, and have helped to change their underwriting attitude. As many of you will know, insurance used to be a complicated and frustrating topic, as well as the problem of only a very small number of insurers able to help. Macbeth now have a healthy array of options when it comes to insuring these unique buildings, as well as certain bespoke covers that we have negotiated with insurers.

At Macbeth, all claims are serviced by the customer’s Client Manager, ensuring stability and a continuous point of contact.

We can also assist with insurance for any prefabricated homes including; Hanse Haus, Baufritz, Scandia Haus, Meisterstueck Haus, Weber Haus and KD Haus.

For more information please contact Carl Sharp on 0118 916 5487.

Author: Carl Sharp | January 10th, 2017

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