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Our Culture at Macbeth

Wouldn't it be easy if we all fitted into neat little boxes?

People and businesses, all fitting the standard categories. All conforming to the acceptance criteria.

People and businesses, all fitting the standard categories. All conforming to the acceptance criteria.

We're not here for the easy, or the simple, or plain, or off-the-shelf.

We're here for the ones who do things their way.

Because our way is different, too.

Our founding principle

There's the size of your business. And the size of your principles.

And there's only one, we think, that matters.

Many of our clients still remember Malcolm Macbeth and how he went above and beyond what people expected of a standard insurance broking business. the care he took to nurture relationships and put his customer before all else. The reassurance that came from receiving expert, professional advice instead of a hard sell.

They'd also say nothing has changed. Those values still mean everything to Paul, his son, and the Macbeth team

We still understand that no two clients are the same, that every risk is a one-off. We still recognise that risk is an every-changing thing, and our clients need us to be on top of every new turn and development. We know there's still no substitute for being good with people when you're looking to give the best advice. And we still know that few in our field can touch us for the reassurance, support and peace of mind we bring to our clients.

Our principles never diminish. The size of our business will take care of itself.


When Malcolm Macbeth established our company in 1992, his aims were simple - to provide the best possible service and the highest quality products, tailored to a client's requirements.

Today, Macbeth is one of the fastest growing insurance and financial businesses in the Thames Valley, providing independent advice backed by a truly outstanding client-focused service. We're proud of our chartered status and the awards we've won. But our real passion is for people - from the business owners and private clients who work with us to our talented teams of insurance specialists and financial advisers.

Macbeth's plan for the future is simple...

to continue to build a long-lasting legacy, underpinned by Malcolm's core values.

We're professional advisors

We're not here to sell policies or products. We deal in honest, expert, independent advice, based on the soundest possible knowledge of our client's needs and of the market. We take time to educate our clients and help them understand options and implications, and always put their best interests first.

We're comfortable with complexity

These are dizzying times. Change is fast, and the affairs of businesses and individuals are complex. That suits us down to the ground. We recognise that every risk is different, so as our client's interests and risks evolve and depart from standard parameters, we're there to keep them fully covered.

We're a constant reassurance

We're curious; we like to have the full picture. That means spending time with a client until we know and understand every potential risk, in the light expert knowledge of now and emerging areas of vulnerability. We get all bases covered, and keep them covered, which is a load off everyone's mind.

We put the client front and centre

Call us old-fashioned or traditional, but we like dealing with real people, not with forms filled out online. We're more than a broker to our clients. We're a friend and ally, always ready with the right advice and the right amount of positive energy, always at the end of a phone in the event of misfortune or mishap.

Want to get to know us a little more?

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