Our vision

We're building a long-term legacy by investing in our people, cultivating lasting relationships with clients and partners, and striving to be the best at what we do.

How we're realising our vision

Our vision is where we want to go. It's vital in generating the drive and energy and fresh thinking that our team is known for. Our seven core virtues are our guide for getting there. They're the way we are and the way we want to be.

Be a team

We’re a team. Have been from day one. We’re proud of our culture of collaboration, where everybody is involved and open with each other, and ideas are encouraged. Staying focused on our vision means everyone’s engaged, inspired and up for the challenge.

Be clear and contactable

Our clients are busy people, so we make it easy for them to do business with us. In other words, we take care of everything. We’re on call 24/7, ready to help whenever they need us, and we keep everything clear and easy to understand – you won’t catch us using industry jargon.

Be enthusiastic

We show our enthusiasm in everything we do. Building relationships, winning business, servicing adjustments, negotiating claims, they’re all a chance to display our commitment, our drive and our difference.

Be entrepreneurial

Macbeth started life as a client-focused company, and nothing has changed. We create opportunities and try to be as responsive as we can to our clients and our partners in the market, with the aim of being better than anyone else at what we do.

Be friendly

Our business is about human relationships. People buy from people. And we’re good with people. We’re good at finding out what they need and good at making sure they get it. Which helps us build relationships with our clients, partners and insurers that last.

Be honest

Honesty always pays. Mutual trust is the reason we’ve been able to build so many long-term relationships. We’ll always be honest and straightforward with our clients by helping to set and manage expectations. It’s how we do business.

Be professional

We’re proud of our chartered culture. It’s a marker of our professionalism and quality of service, reflected in the way we look, sound and behave. As long as it’s recognised and felt by our clients, partners and insurers, we can keep on growing.


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