An essential checklist of questions you need to ask wen reviewing your commercial insurance

How well has your insurance cover been reviewed since the last renewal date?

Frequently, we discover companies are inadequately protected and unknowingly exposed to a wide range of potential risks. From working closely with businesses and asking some pertinent questions, they very quickly come to realise they are underinsured, or in many cases, paying for insurance cover they may never actually need.

If you haven’t reviewed your insurance cover properly, the chances are that it no longer matches the needs of the business. A proper review isn’t simply comparing quotes at renewal time. This is why we would like to share with you an essential checklist, based on the types of questions we find ourselves asking many businesses.

Our approach to the review process is both strategic and pragmatic. By asking the right questions we are able to provide valuable insights into the cover that is best suited to your business.

Download your copy of our essential check list here.

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*Information correct as of 1st May 2016

Author: Tony Gibbs | January 31, 2013

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