Limitations Of Your Business’ Insurance Policy

The chances are you’re not. Many businesses are often unaware of the risks they’re exposed to until the time comes to make a claim. That’s when they discover they are seriously under-insured. Or they haven’t identified all the risks they should be insured against.

The problem is, in today’s business world, it’s hard to keep pace with the increasing types of risk out there and calculate the right level of cover required. It’s important therefore that you consult an insurance expert to guide you through the process. Macbeth employs a team of expert insurance brokers that specialises in dealing with evolving and emerging businesses that are increasingly exposed to risk and also require non-standard and often more complex cover.

A cyber threat is one risk that your business may not be insured against.

Cyber risk now ranks among the top 5 global risks to businesses today. With the growth in online business and the rise in data capture and cloud based services companies are becoming increasingly exposed to risk which can result in a costly and damaging outcome. Our team can work closely with you and to assess and advise you through the process of creating a cyber risk insurance policy that’s right for your business.

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Author: Adam Lawrence | March 30, 2012

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