Risk Management Insurance

Protect your business with risk management insurance

Managing risk is essential in safeguarding your business assets as well reducing costly insurance premiums.

Macbeth offers an innovative online risk management insurance service that provides essential advice and guidance on all aspects of health & safety and human resources issues. The service has been designed to assist smaller businesses in fulfilling their H&S and HR obligations and plan for business continuity in order to minimise their potential risk of claims and disputes.

This low-cost online service Macbeth Risk Solutions is an ideal solution for a smaller business that does not have an in-house HR or Health & Safety resource in place.

Features of the service include:

  • Receive regular email updates on changes to H&S and HR regulations and directives.
  • Online assessment tools designed to identify your risk exposure to potential H&S or HR claims.
  • Essential guides on health & safety procedures and compliance in the workplace
  • A series of HR related templates designed to assist businesses when appointing new staff or implementing any discipline and grievance procedures
  • “Ask the Expert” service, access to expert consultants with a maximum 24-hour response time available Monday – Friday.
  • Online document manager: All documents can be saved online, so in the case of disruption to your business, such as fire or flood, your documents can be easily retrieved.
  • Building a strategy and planning for Business continuity: Online tools and advice designed to protect you against potential disruption to your business.


You can speak to a member of the Macbeth team now on 0118 916 5480 or send us an email at info@macbeths.co.uk to find out more about Macbeth Risk Solutions. Alternatively visit Macbeth Risk Solutions.

“Over many years, Macbeth have delivered consistently excellent service together with competitive prices – I know I can always rely on them for the best advice and guidance.”

Jennifer Bradley,Finance Director
Point 6 Design Ltd

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