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Vicarious Liability For Data Breaches – Prepare for Doomsday

Back in December 2017, WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc was found to be vicariously liable for a major data breach committed by one of its employees. The decision was appealed which was subsequently dismissed in October 2018. The Lord Justices’ comments in the appeal notice make for interesting reading, particularly from an insurance perspective!


Five Reasons Why You Might Require Specialist Insurance

The direct insurers certainly have their place, especially if the price of the premium is your main concern, they are able to “guarantee to beat your existing premium” by catering for risks that are standard rather than the unusual. The acceptance criteria imposed by the direct insurers is also going to be very tight and any deviation from the norm will probably result in a no quot


Pubs and Restaurants Insurance Reaches Boiling Point

Insurance premiums in pubs and restaurants sector have been increasing steady over the last few years as insurance companies try and address a market trend where claims are hitting profitability.


Airside Liability Insurance – FAQ

“Airside” generally refers to an area on an airport that has restricted access. This will be the aprons, taxiways and runways as well as the area past the security gates in terminal buildings. Most standard public liability policies will contain an exclusion relating to high risk locations, airport and aerodromes are on the list of excluded premises. Some insurers may consider providing liability cover at airports for an additional premium but they are unlikely to provide an indemnity limit of more than £5 million.


Ensure you have Both Ends Covered

Loss of utility availability – power, water and telephone/internet communications. In situations such as lack of water due to a burst water main away from their premises, there has to be a Failure of Public Utilities extension on the BI cover, and more importantly this must include the terminal feed to the insured premises, also known as “both ends cover”.


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