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What makes a Specialist Cleaning Contractors policy Specialist?

Cleaning contractors are exposed to much wider risks than your average trade, and that’s why we arrange insurance with a specialist market, providing a much wider scope of cover.


Andrew Ferguson

“I was first introduced to Paul’s father Malcolm in 1988 when I had a new business and a lot of new insurance needs. Paul has continued and enhanced the very personal service which attracted me to Macbeths and his intelligent team now cover all my business and personal insurance needs (except one, where he looked at what I had, and advised he couldn’t improve on it and I should stick with what I had!). In a world of computerised corporate monoliths and slavish box-tickers, Paul’s affable personal service is a breath of fresh air and common sense.”


Christine Rayner, MD Tangram

“Paul is a dynamic and effective individual. He is able to meet his professional commitments with great integrity whilst keeping a fun outlook on life and business. I would not hesitate to recommend Macbeth to anyone who needs their help”


Peter Knifton, MD Bryanston

“I have been using Macbeth for both business and personal insurance since its formation. For me the benefit is that I can talk to people who know me, know my needs, & will come back with sensible ideas and realistic prices. Why should I bother with call centres, telephone menus, and music on hold when I can have real people instead? I often recommended them to colleagues, and will continue to do so.”


Manual Handling – Advice for the cleaning sector

Our experience is that most claims in the cleaning industry sector are Employers Liability Insurance claims relating to manual handling. This includes any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing carrying or moving) by hand or by bodily force.


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