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Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance for Unusual Insurance Risk

What does a Ballet Dancer, Grave Digger, Tattooist and Feng Shui consultant have in common? The answer is nothing other than they are some of the more unusual occupations that have purchased public liability & employers liability insurance in the recent past.


Permitted Development – What Can You Do?

With house prices continuing to rise steadily, and the general cost of moving doing like wise, it’s no wonder more and more of us are tending to stay put, and extend. When undertaking work on your home, you may benefit from Contract Works Insurance. Take a look at what our Private Client specialist, Carl Sharp, has to say on the matter.


Pubs and Restaurants Insurance Reaches Boiling Point

Insurance premiums in pubs and restaurants sector have been increasing steady over the last few years as insurance companies try and address a market trend where claims are hitting profitability.


Be Prepared in the Event of a Claim

The information that a company is expected to provide following an employer’s liability insurance claim can be quite daunting, particularly if you are not prepared. The following is a list of documents that an existing client of ours was requested to provide. You are likely to be asked to provide this information in order for your insurer to have any chance of defending a claim against you. By utilising our Online Risk Management Portal you could take care of many of these elements in advance of any claim.


Public & Employers Liability for contracting trades – Premium rating and declarations explained

When it comes to working out premiums for public & employer’s liability insurers can use a number of rating factors. The most common are per capita (per person) rated and wage roll and turnover rated.


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