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Mum’s the word – Insurance for actors & celebrities

In theatrical circles the name Macbeth is often associated with bad luck, so much so that Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is often referred to as “The Scottish Play”.

I suppose then, it is somewhat ironic that our private client team at Macbeth insures a number of high profile actors, celebrities and sport stars. The reason that they choose Macbeth is due to the exceptionally high quality, personal service that we provide, together will the ability to cover higher value items. Whilst some insurers will shy away from insuring actors, celebrities and sport stars our insurers offer a more flexible approach.


Jewellery Insurance – Why it pays to use a quality insurer

At Macbeth Insurance Brokers we only recommend the highest quality insurance products to protect our clients. Such quality is not just defined by extent of the policy wording; but also by the insurer’s attitude to handling claims.


High value home insurance – 3 tips to avoid under-insurance

Too many people we meet have little awareness of the value of what they consider to be standard household contents. And that’s before considering items of jewellery, clothing, expensive watches or pieces of art that may have been acquired over the years. Most standard contents insurance policies have claim limits that are inadequate for many people. Even for those who have specified additional items insured, may find that they have not kept pace with the large increases in valuation – all adding up to a picture where it is all too easy to be under-insured.


Safe ratings – How insurers assess what type of safe is suitable

The price of gold, diamonds and precious metals has risen dramatically over the last two to three years; general estimates suggest as much as 50-60%. As a result, the cost of jewellery has also risen by similar percentages. Sadly this is only highlighted to people when a loss occurs. Insurers will require either an estimate to repair or replace the item lost or damaged or use one of their recommended companies. It is then that realisation hits that the cost of replacing the treasured item has doubled and the sum insured is not sufficient.


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