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A new chapter for Macbeth as we acquire CMJ – a personal note from Paul

It’s an exciting new chapter for the Macbeth team; I’m delighted to share that we’ve just completed the acquisition of CMJ Insurance Brokers, a move that’s been years in the making. It also propels us into the next level, as one of the Thames Valley’s biggest insurance brokers, with a Gross Written Premium of £13M.


Risk and Reassurance – Winter Issue 2017

Welcome to the first issue of Risk and Reassurance our quarterly newsletter bringing you the latest insights and developments around insurance and financial services – the issues that you, our clients, care about most. It’s also a great opportunity to bring you closer to our world, here at Macbeth.


Insurance Secrets
for High Net Worth Individuals

As a leading team of insurance advisors, Macbeth works closely with our high net worth clients to bring them the right protection and insurance cover for their fast-changing needs.


Cyber Attacks – Is the Threat Real?

Cyberattacks on household-name companies make headlines and get everyone talking. The November 2014 Sony malware attack, which was not detected by anti-virus checkers, made big news and the frenzied response from President to IT exec is well documented. What made a number of business minds buzz was the fear that if a multinational company can succumb to such an attack what hope is there for the rest of us?


Treat Your Office as if it Were Your Home this Winter

Most people would not consider leaving home before checking all doors and windows were locked, but when it comes to the office, we’re not always as security conscious.


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