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A new chapter for Macbeth as we acquire CMJ – a personal note from Paul

It’s an exciting new chapter for the Macbeth team; I’m delighted to share that we’ve just completed the acquisition of CMJ Insurance Brokers, a move that’s been years in the making. It also propels us into the next level, as one of the Thames Valley’s biggest insurance brokers, with a Gross Written Premium of £13M.


Medical Malpractice Insurance – Protection for Health Professionals

Medical professionals that are working in a private capacity will either need to be a member of a medical defence union or have their own medical malpractice insurance. Organisations that are providing medical services, such as private clinics, will also need to protect themselves in case they are held liable for the actions of the medical professionals working for them.


Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL) – Frequently Asked Questions

In the past there was little or no protection if an employee suffered injury or disease as a result of their employers negligence. As society has evolved laws have been established to protect employees. Employers liability is now a compulsory insurance to indemnify employees if they are injured because of their employers negligence.


Insurance Requirements for Selling into the US and Canada

When it comes to dealing with companies in the US or Canada, insurance requirements can differ considerably from those in the UK. This is particularly true in relation to insurance for public and products liability. If a company is selling goods or services into the US or Canada, they need to consider carefully their contractual obligations and possibly some specific insurance requirements.


PSD2 Insurance – Is Your Professional Indemnity Insurance Compliant?

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has finalised guidance for financial technology (fintech) companies on the type of Professional Indemnity insurance that they will need to put in place to operate in the EU’s payment services market from this year. The guidance applies from 13th January 2018, the date on which PSD2 took effect in national legislation across EU member states. This guidance sets out the criteria on how to stipulate the minimum monetary amount of PII for two new services defined in PSD2: payment initiation services (PIS) and account information services (AIS).


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