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Clinical Trial Insurance – What Is It And What Do Insurers Need to Know?

The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004 state that a clinical trial may be undertaken only if provision has been made for “insurance or indemnity” to cover the liability of the researchers in relation to the clinical trial. The approving bodies are likely to insist on Clinical Trial Insurance cover, the purpose being to insure the public/products liability as well as no fault compensation.


Medical Device Insurance – Implications for the Medical Sector

The medical sector has certainly not been left behind when it comes to advances in technology and this potential has certainly been recognised by both investors and politicians. In terms of insurance the nature of risk is changing.


Dawn Jones, Operations Manager Multi Medicx Ltd

We needed to source a comprehensive, yet bespoke set of Insurances designed to meet our unique business model. I have been thrilled with the products Macbeth has recommended all of which remain competitively priced. What I appreciate most about Macbeth is the trust I have that they fully understand our business subject, their commitment and understanding of our needs, and the extra mile or three they went to assist us with our timelines. Great attention to detail, and frequent communications, ensured our exact needs were met. Thank you Macbeth.


New Insurance Product for Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors

There is some good news for start-ups medical device companies and medical device distributors with turnovers of less than £500,000.


Medical Device Insurance – Markel Insurance launch a new product

Although Markel have operated within the biomedical and life sciences sector for a number of years, they have recently revamped their policy wording to include some excellent additional benefits. Their target market is SME’s with a turnover of up to £50M.


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