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What is the Difference Between Home and High Net Worth Home Insurance?

High net worth home insurance is not just for Lord and Ladies or Dukes and Duchesses, in my opinion, it is an insurance policy for anybody fortunate enough to have assets and a lifestyle worth a little extra protection.


New EPC Regulations are no April Fools’ !

Landlords who rent out properties in the private rented sector will need to ensure that those properties have a minimum energy performance rating of E on an energy performance certificate (EPC). The new regulations come into effect now for all new lets and renewals and in 2020 for all existing tenancies.


Tesla Roadster. Space in the Boot*.

Tesla cars are out of this world! Literally! It’s an exciting time for the electric vehicles and especially Tesla. Over the next few years, the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Roadster will be launched in the UK to complement their already impressive fleet.


Do You Have a Property Insurance Shortfall?

Imagine if your home was severely damaged by fire, flood, storm or another disaster. Your insurance would cover the costs, wouldn’t it? Possibly not!

Because if like a staggering 80% of high value homeowners you face an insurance shortfall, you may find it impossible to fully repair, rebuild or reinstate your property. This could leave you with a huge amount to pay. You could even lose your property!


Contemporary Home Insurance

When insuring high end homes constructed of modern, or contemporary building materials, a homeowner should always take extra care when it comes to insuring their home. These unique buildings require a delicate touch when it comes to insurance.


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