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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

In recent months, a number of intellectual property infringement cases have hit the headlines, some closer to home than others! From spicy chicken to sweet marshmallows, there seems to be a new case of IP infringement every fortnite.


Recruitment Agencies…You know you need Vicarious Liability cover, but what else?

Recruitment agencies face a unique set of circumstances when buying insurance. Yes, normal office cover and general liability cover is required for their own staff, but they can often be responsible for the workers they place as well. They need a policy that offers explicit cover for vicarious liability, cover for standard and non-standard contracts, a specifically designed office package and a clear distinction between an agency’s own staff and the candidates they place.


What is primary and non-contributory Insurance?

Under contract you may be required to provide insurance which is primary and non-contributory.


What is waiver of subrogation?

Subrogation is where an insurer inherits your rights and ‘step into your shoes’ to recover losses from a third party who is responsible for a claim, that your insurer has paid in full, on your behalf, to release you from that claim.


What Insurance Covers Should a Virtual Business Consider?

Gone are the days when a business had to have office premises to trade. The advent of the internet and improvements in telecommunication means that even large organisations can operate in a virtual environment. The use of independent contractors and a range of outsourced service providers has resulted in direct employees no longer being necessary at all. What’s more, businesses are fast realising the benefits of operating virtually – leveraging fast-changing technology to grow their offer, enjoying low overheads and maximising flexibility.


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