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Recruitment – Understanding your Contractual Liability & Vicarious Liability Exposure

It is very important to establish what types of contracts are being used when placing temporary workers, as failure to inform your insurance provider correctly of your contractual liabilities can invalidate coverage.


Recruitment Agency Contracts and Insurers Definition of Covered Contract Terms

When arranging insurance for a Recruitment Agency there should be a strong emphasis on the insurers definition of ‘standard and non-standard contract terms’ to ensure that cover is provided when placing temporary personnel.


Why is driver’s negligence insurance relevant to recruitment companies?

If a recruitment company is supplying temporary drivers, they may be required to carry driver negligence insurance. This insurance provides cover against claims in respect of damage caused to vehicles being driven by agency supplied drivers to their clients.


Drivers Negligence Insurance for Driving Agencies, Umbrella and Payroll companies

Drivers Negligence Insurance provides cover against claims in respect of accidental damage caused to a hiring clients vehicle being driven by an agency supplied driver.


Recruitment Agencies…You know you need Vicarious Liability cover, but what else?

Recruitment agencies face a unique set of circumstances when buying insurance. Yes, normal office cover and general liability cover is required for their own staff, but they can often be responsible for the workers they place as well. They need a policy that offers explicit cover for vicarious liability, cover for standard and non-standard contracts, a specifically designed office package and a clear distinction between an agency’s own staff and the candidates they place.


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