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Be Prepared in the Event of a Claim

The information that a company is expected to provide following an employer’s liability insurance claim can be quite daunting, particularly if you are not prepared. The following is a list of documents that an existing client of ours was requested to provide. You are likely to be asked to provide this information in order for your insurer to have any chance of defending a claim against you. By utilising our Online Risk Management Portal you could take care of many of these elements in advance of any claim.


Protecting your Business Against Risk

Managing risk is essential in safeguarding your business assets, as well reducing costly insurance premiums.


Managing Risk, Your Essential Guide to Protecting Your Business

Increasingly many businesses are neglecting to manage and regularly review their company’s business insurance leaving them exposed to growing risks. In many instances we see talk to companies that are over or under insured so not getting the true value and extent of cover they need from their existing arrangements.


Corporate manslaughter update

Although these are difficult times for many businesses, cutting back on health and safety expenditure is certainly not recommended.  According to a recent article in The Telegraph, the number of corporate manslaughter cases opened by the Crown Prosecution Service jumped by 40% last year as prosecutors stepped up their use of recent legislation.


The Jaskson 5!

The Jackson report sets out planned changes to the Civil Procedure Rules in respect of how Public & Employers Liability insurance claims are handled and the time allowed at the moment to do so. The changes are scheduled to take effect from April 2013.


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