Social Welfare Insurance category

What is Third Sector Insurance?

The term “third sector” is generally used to describe organisations which are not profit making


Managing Risk, Your Essential Guide to Protecting Your Business

Increasingly many businesses are neglecting to manage and regularly review their company’s business insurance leaving them exposed to growing risks. In many instances we see talk to companies that are over or under insured so not getting the true value and extent of cover they need from their existing arrangements.


Social Welfare Insurance – Why a Specialist Broker and Insurer are Essential

The social welfare sector is quite diverse, comprising organisations working in areas from day care centres to children’s home, domiciliary care and shelters to name a few. The challenges each organisation face will vary and it is therefore vitally important to have a broker and an insurer that understands the sector and can offer bespoke cover as well as other necessary support.


First Aid training and the social welfare sector

Having qualified first aiders is essential for any business operating in the social care sector with responsibility for the young, elderly or vulnerable.


An essential checklist of questions you need to ask when reviewing your commercial insurance

How well has your insurance cover been reviewed since the last renewal date?


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