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Tesla Roadster. Space in the Boot*.

Tesla cars are out of this world! Literally! It’s an exciting time for the electric vehicles and especially Tesla. Over the next few years, the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Roadster will be launched in the UK to complement their already impressive fleet.


Contemporary Home Insurance

When insuring high end homes constructed of modern, or contemporary building materials, a homeowner should always take extra care when it comes to insuring their home. These unique buildings require a delicate touch when it comes to insurance.


Managing Risk, Your Essential Guide to Protecting Your Business

Increasingly many businesses are neglecting to manage and regularly review their company’s business insurance leaving them exposed to growing risks. In many instances we see talk to companies that are over or under insured so not getting the true value and extent of cover they need from their existing arrangements.


An essential checklist of questions you need to ask when reviewing your commercial insurance

How well has your insurance cover been reviewed since the last renewal date?


What types of insurance are required by organisations in the social welfare sector?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on what the organisation is doing. The social welfare sector is extremely diverse so it is recommended that each risk is assessed on its own merits. The insurance needs of an adult day centre could differ considerably from a company that is providing a counselling and advice service.


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