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Apples With Apples, Pears with Pears.

The insurance industry is a competitive one, with many clients, both individual and commercial, often being driven to choose a product based on price before any other factor. Make sure you are comparing apples with apples when plumping for the cheapest option.


Affordable cyber cover for smaller businesses now available

The recent spate of Worldwide cyber attacks has highlighted the need for cyber insurance. It is a fact that not only large multi-nationals are at risk and in can be argued that smaller businesses are somewhat easier picking for the hackers as their infrastructure may not be quite as sophisticated as a larger organisation.


Use it Don’t Lose it!

It should be remembered that 2013/14 was the last tax year that the Annual Allowance for pension contributions was £50k. Therefore, any unused contributions (i.e. of the £50k Annual Allowance) from that tax year must be used for Carry Forward before the tax year end –  5 April 2017.


What were the key Huf Haus claims over the past 24 months?

Macbeth thought it would be of interest to share some insurance claims experienced by our Huf Haus customers in the past 24 months.


First IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Internet attack – What are the implications?

IPv6, the follow on from IPv4, appears to now be large enough for IPv6-based attacks. Like all cyber-attackers they continually look for ways to penetrate any new technology. Arbor Network’s Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report had predicted IPv6 DDoS attacks, and commented:


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