Flood & Storm Insurance Advice

With the bad weather looking likely to continue over the next few weeks, the Association of British Insurers has provided some useful information to keep you safe during the storms and floods.

  • Listen out for bad weather warnings on local radio and TV
  • Move valuables to upper floors, especially those of a higher value
  • Check the Environment Agency’s website and sign up for their free flood warning service.
  • Make sure any unsecured items, like ladders in gardens, that can cause damage in high winds are secured
  • For items that are difficult to move, consider raising them off the floor
  • Know how to turn off the electricity and water supply
  • Place sandbags at doors and lower floor windows (those with a low sill or below ground level)
  • Move cars to higher ground
  • Have the property’s roof checked for damage and ensure this is repaired
  • Clear debris from gutters, check for any damage and ensure drains are free from debris to allow water to drain away
  • Keep your mobile phone with you and know who to contact in the event of an emergency and keep the contact numbers nearby
  • Keep spare batteries to hand so that torches and radios can be kept working
  • If the property has pumps that keep cellars or other areas dry make arrangements if there is an identified risk of power outage for longer periods to ensure that if water rises the damage is minimised
  • In ground floor rooms use an inflatable paddling pool to protect items – in normal use the pool keeps water in so it should keep water out!

At Macbeth we offer a full claims service and we would recommend that our clients contact us in the event of damage so that we can arrange settlement of the claim as quickly as possible.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | January 6, 2014

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