High Value Homes On The River? An Impossible Insurance Risk?

Being a true specilalist in insuring high value homes, we are frequently asked to arrange insurance for homes located close to rivers.

Given the horrendous flooding that some parts of the country have suffered in recent years, it’s not surprising that insurance companies are wary of such risks, but there are certain measures that a chartered broker can take to help reduce these fears and achieve the best possible terms for their clients.

Taking time to understand the risk, and it’s positive risk management aspects is paramount. Below is a selection of questions that we ask our clients when insuring such risks:

What is the distance of the house from the water edge?
What height is the property built above the water level?
If the property has flooded previously, what was the cause of the flood?
Have the relevant authorities carried out any measures to reduce the risk of further flooding?
Have you implemented any other risk management features, such as Floodguards?

Once we have an in-depth and accurate picture of the risk, we work hard with our specialist underwriters to provide you with the cover you need.

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Author: Paul Macbeth | June 28, 2011

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